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  • I’ve come up with my topic.
    • I created a “catchy” Title for my presentation (if applicable)
    • I made an outline for the presentation
    • I have defined 3-5 key points, take-aways, or learning objectives
  • I have found several sources to cite in my speech.
    • I marked down all my sources so I can credit them.
    • I have at least 2-3 Quotes from well know people or studies that are relevant to my topic
  • I have gathered all the information that I need.
    • I have organized the information.
  • I have written my speech.
    • I have written a second draft.
    • I have written a third draft.
    • I have had someone else review it for Content & Grammar
    • I believe that this is as good as I can possibly make it.
  • I have prepared note cards to keep the basic points on hand.
    • The cards are short and contain only a few details.
    • I have numbered the cards.
    • The cards are in sequential order.
  • I have read my speech aloud at least twice to myself
    • I recorded the audio and/or video to review
    • The speech sounds natural.
    • I have timed the speech.
    • It falls within the time I have allotted.
  • I have recited my speech without a copy of it on hand.
    • I recorded this and reviewed it
    • I was able to recite my speech without stammering or blanking.
    • I have rehearsed my speech in front of my coach, colleague, friends, or family AND I received feedback on how to improve.
    • I used the suggestions to make my presentation better.
    • I confirmed I was making eye contact with the audience (or video camera) while speaking
  • If applicable, I have considered questions or comments that I may receive and I have prepared responses
  • I have tested all props and technical items.
  • I have backup copies of any slides (Thumb Drive, printed slides, etc)
  • I have a positive attitude and belief that I will be successful


 Multiple Choice

1.         The best way to make a great speech or presentation sound natural is to:

A.         Research the topic thoroughly
B.         Wing it completely
C.         Go in with a vague idea of what you’re going to talk about

2.         You should focus your attention on:

A.         The audience, so that they can feel connected
B.         The clock, so that you’ll know when you’re done
C.         Your speech, so that you don’t forget what you’re saying
D.         Whichever audience member you find most attractive

3.         To ensure I don’t forget what I’m going to say, I should:

A.         Write the speech the night before and glance over it the next day
B.         Memorize the data as well as my speech to make sure I know the material
C.         Make things up as I go along
D.         Let someone else do it

General Questions

1.         What topic I will be discussing?

2.         What are some resources (i.e. websites and books) that I can use for research?

3.         What can I do to become more familiar with the subject matter?

4.         What are some songs I can either listen to or play in my head to psych me up for my presentation?

Yes or No Questions

1.         Have I researched my topic?                                                       Y          N

2.         Do I have all of the information I need?                                     Y          N

3.         Have I done a trial run or rehearsed?                                         Y          N

4.         Should I envision the crowd in their underwear?                       Y          N

True or False Questions

1.         I should read my speech to make sure I don’t mess it up.          T          F

2.         Eye contact is very important.                                                      T          F

3.         Public speaking outside of work is pointless.                               T          F

4.         Learning to speak in public can boost confidence.                      T          F

5.         You should focus on one section of your audience.                    T          F

Answer Key

Multiple Choice:             1. A   2. A   3.  B

True/False:                     1. F   2. T   3.  F   4.  T   

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